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Tabby Chic

Purrfect Website Design

We recently launched Tabby-Chic who are a quality cat visiting service situated in Sunningdale. They were clearly quite pleased, as we got this lovely testimonial…

“Now that my website is up and running, I thought it would be a good time to say a big thank you to Jaijo Design for all of your hard work on my Tabby-Chic project. I am delighted with the final result, from your initial work on branding and logo design, through to the development of the website and social media pages. From our very first meeting I felt you completely grasped my concept and understood what I was looking to achieve. I have worked closely with Georgina, who I felt also understood my concept very well. She was extremely creative from a design point of view and came up with lots of fun, yet practical ideas for the logo and website. Jaijo also very patiently took me through the social media aspect of my business, which I was unfamiliar with. Understanding how to best use these tools for my business was very valuable to me, and I have certainly learnt what I need, to give me a base to move forward in this area. I feel very fortunate to have found and worked with Jaijo, as I really do not feel any other company would have created such a great website in just the way I wanted. Thank you!”

Tabby Chic Website Design

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