Website & Branding for Fat Freezing Sculptlie

We were approached by Lisa who was setting up the business Sculptlite, which uses lovelites lipoglaze technology which is a safe, non invasive alternative to liposuction by cooling and reshaping the bodies contours to give an average of 33% reduction in the fat of the area targeted in one treatment. We were fancinated by this, which is a big craze with celebrities, and now is available in your own home by a friendly personal service by a highly qualified therapist at a time that suits you. We loved working on this project, we came up with the brand/logo and developed various stationery & marketing material as well as the website. Lisa was kind enough to pass the following message onto us:

Getting the correct tools to promote your business and getting them right can be very daunting. We all know our businesses inside out and once we have a client it isn’t a problem but getting someone outside your business to “get it” and then create logos / websites / business cards and promotional flyers is the holy grail ! or as I came to quickly learn “Jaijo”! I truly cannot believe how gorgeous my website looked at the first draft and didn’t change a thing in the design ( and I m a fussy bugger!) this then lead to cards and flyers that I am so incredibly proud of. Thank you Jaijo, I still can’t believe the quality of what you achieved in the time you achieved it in, and truly appreciate your patience and continued support in helping my business grow.

If you want to give this fat freezing a try, then give Lisa a shout (she is based in Windsor, but covers quite a wide area), and make sure you mention us. Please visit her website and spread the word.