En route to World Domination

“What are we doing tonight, Brain?”
“Same thing we do every night, Pinky…. try to take over the WORLD!”

Jaijo has been around a while now – coming up to 13 years, in fact! We have always seen ourselves as a one stop shop for all design needs, whether it’s websites, brochures, business cards or even building a brand from scratch.

Over the last couple of years we have been slowly building momentum and at the beginning of 2019 we were presented with the opportunity to acquire a Cloud Computing company. It’s not quite how it sounds – we have been working with Clarks Computer Systems for a number of years and they provide the software upon which we run many of our Estate Agent websites.

We know the business and the staff well and have a long standing relationship with the founder, Ray Clark. Having taken on a number of other responsibilities with other businesses, Ray decided that he could no longer dedicate the required amount of time to Clarks Computers and that it might be best in the hands of those who know it best and so Jaijo took over ownership and now runs the business under the Jaijo umbrella.

It’s a great move for us, while we have always had a great partnership with Clarks, bringing them in-house will enable us to develop and control the minutiae of detail when it comes to the software and its user group.

For now, we will not be changing the name – just while people get used to the new regime – but keep your eyes peeled for a little update in the look. As a client you will see no change in the service levels and functionality – the only difference is you’ll get Jaijo branded invoices.

We are very excited about this new acquisition and look forward to being able to offer Estate Agency Software as standard with our new websites.

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