TV’s Sarah Willingham Launches New Website to Save the UK Thousands

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TV’s Sarah Willingham Launches New Website to Save the UK Thousands

One of the UK’s best known consumer champions has launched a new website which promises to help save people thousands on their household bills, without the hassle of trawling through comparison websites.

Unfortunately, we didn’t create the awesome website, but did work closely with the team and produced their personalised email footers and also designed their business cards, in which we had to create Pig Characters which reflected the staff’s personalities.

Entrepreneur Sarah Willingham made a name for herself on BBC’s The Restaurant where she dispensed no-nonsense advice to budding restaurateurs. She is equally passionate about saving money and regularly appears on ITV1’s This Morning and Daybreak to share her knowledge and tips on being savvy with cash.

The independent website,, guarantees to show immediately how consumers can save money on energy bills, credit cards, car insurance and phone providers, without hours spent looking through comparison sites and trying to make a decision.

Sarah says, ‘Often people do realise they could be saving money, but they don’t bother to do anything about it because the perception is that changing providers involves lots of time and energy. My website removes that hassle factor and could potentially save people thousands.’

How will the site work?
The team have spent the last year comparing the comparison sites, speaking to providers and applying for hundreds of products to enable them to condense everything the consumer needs to know into a 1 minute guide on each subject.

The site is launching with 1 minute guides to Borrowing, Utilities, Insurance, Mortgage & Home and Broadband, TV & Phone. More guides will be added over the next few weeks with the aim to save the consumer thousands of pounds in the coming months.

Sarah Willingham, co-founder of said,

“The truth is that many of the comparison sites offer a fantastic service with great products but people don’t know where to start and are therefore not taking action. We want to equip the consumer with enough information to take action and to save money with the best of the best companies out there.

“With four tiny children, I am hugely passionate about saving money but am frustrated by how complicated people make it. There is free money out there, money that’s easy to get and yet SO many people haven’t yet taken it.

“Every time I have shared simple ways to save a fortune with my friends and the ITV viewers the response has been amazing. It dawned on me that people just need someone to cut through the pages of information and tell them what really matters. I hope that’s what we have achieved with

Some of the stats!

  • 45% of people are dissatisfied with price comparison sites
  • Only 15% of people switched their energy in 2011 but it is the simplest, quickest way to save A LOT of money
  • More than half of us have not switched home phone provider in the last 5 years missing out on a saving of £100
  • 98% of people can save money on their car insurance
  • The average interest payments on personal debt per household is a massive £2467 a year

Sarah concluded, “People are overwhelmed and constantly bombarded with stacks of information, best buy tables and hundreds of products and providers. It is just too confusing and time consuming and it puts people off taking action.

“ is aiming to demystify the world of switching and saving, hold your hand through the entire process, and make sure you get the right deal for YOU.”

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