Mis-sold Financial Products Web Design

Maple Leaf Financial

Mis-sold Financial Products Web Design

Maple Leaf Financial will help you win compensation for mis-sold Financial Products. Their services are designed to see if you have been a victim of the widespread financial mis-selling that has occurred in the UK in recent years. We were employed to produce a new website for them, to fall in line with their new branding and direction of marketing.

Maple Leaf Financial Web Design

Pete McIvor of Maple Leaf Financial had the following kind words to say:

Thank you very much for the great present of a new site. You have done such a great job for us. What a talent you have!!!!

Its finished in Olympic Gold too!! That’s NINETEEN GOLDS!! Ha ha.

We love the new site and wanted to say ’Thanks very much for all the hard work and inspirational ideas’ we are proud and excited with your input as we wanted someone who understood what it was that we were trying to achieve – that is to appeal to people who would never answer those annoying TV ads or text messages I order to get assistance in making a financial claim against their lender.

Also we wanted to take it easy on the client as many people are simply stunned by the amounts others receive and find it hard to believe that they too might collect that sort of money. We also wanted to be ‘tongue in cheek’ because it’s beginning to look like we’ve all be done over by virtually all the UK lenders.

The site had to be professional and yet friendly. We had to appeal to serious minded ‘Insolvency Practitioners’ who will want to know that we have the gonads to go all the way and litigate against lenders as well as other types of clients, housewives, business people and attractive to vulnerable people who don’t want a fight but just want to get back what they are owed.

You did just that and we are happy.

Needless to say you will get some recommendations as Nigel, Tim our SEO guru and I will pass on your name directly.

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