Meet the Team – Nathan

Nathan Chapman

Meet the Team – Nathan

Nathan Chapman : Photographer

We are delighted to introduce you to Nathan “NateDawg” Chapman. Nate joins our team as our new photographer, and will be on call to provide anything you need; whether it’s corporate headshots for your website, live-action shots, property photography or even capturing your activity at an event. You name it, Nate’s got you covered. So in this edition of our blog we’re going to find out a little more about our newest team member.

Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you go to school and how did you get into photography?

I’ve always been the creative type, instead of A levels I attended The University of Arts to study Multimedia. It was a really broad course covering allsorts including web design, book making, screen printing, animation, photography and much more.

I went on to The University of Kent to achieve a BSc in Multimedia Technologies & Design. Here I specialised in 3D modelling for my final year.

I’ve been into photography for as long as I can remember but really found my passion for it when I went on a charity trip to Kenya at the age of 16. We helped build a hospital for the local community and got to do a lot of exploring. My camera quickly became my most treasured possession and has been ever since. I have worked in many different fields of photography from weddings and family portraits, to pets, events and interiors – the mix is pretty eclectic.

From where/what do you get creative inspiration?

Honestly photography is so personal and subjective, my creativity comes mostly from experimentation and exploring the world around me. I mean, I’m always checking out new stuff on the internet and I love looking at some of the amazing content that’s uploaded to social media now. However, the really exciting stuff – that comes from taking tons of pictures and finding inspiration in your own creativity.

What has been your favourite place to which you’ve travelled?

I’ve been to a lot of places now and it’s becoming increasingly hard to choose. Can I get away with a top 5? No particular order: Hawaii, Africa, Vegas, Rome, Colorado

Favourite Music Genre/band?

‘Sleeping at last’ with a little ‘Wu Tang’ here and there for good measure.

How do you spend your downtime?

Well I have a 10 month old son now. So my evenings are mostly spent trying to recover what sleep I can. The weekends usually include something along the lines of meeting up with friends, eating out, watching movies, walks in parks, swings and slides. Then if I’m really lucky I might get on the XBox with Jai and Jon.

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you choose and why?

I’m pretty keen on the idea of teleporting! Sometimes, for example, I really want some good barbeque and if I could just suddenly be in Tennessee that’d be great. As for never being in traffic again?! No brainer.

If I wasn’t a designer/photographer I would probably be…

I’ve always like the idea of teaching, I really enjoy helping people understand stuff. In my third year at university I was employed as an assistant tutor for the second year students, so that during their workshops if anyone needed help they wouldn’t need to disrupt the lecturer. I really enjoyed it and I think that’s where I’d be.

Surprise us – tell us something people might not know about yourself.

I spent a year at music college playing the guitar and I even have my own EP. All the songs were written by myself and I sing over them all. Most people I know haven’t heard it, but after a few drinks, if you drop a guitar in my hands, you MAY get lucky.

Editor’s note: this interview may leave you with some questions…

  • Why is Nate playing on swings when he’s 6ft 7ins tall – isn’t that high enough?
  • How do we get access to his EP, and will we share it online when we do?
  • Is this the start of a Jaijo Band?

We will be answering these questions and more very soon – if you feel the need for some fresh photography make sure you drop us a line.

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